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Welcome to Enersafe

Enersafe Sunpower is a company that is engaged in the production and processing of energy: we offer solutions for planning and implementation of technological systems for solar and wind power production of electricity and thermal energy, home automation and management solutions for rational use of institutions and communities . We are on the market...Continue
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation


    Founded in 1985, SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) designs, manufactures and delivers the planet's most powerful solar technology broadly available today. Residential, business, government and utility customers rely on the company's experience and proven results to maximize return on investment. With headquarters in San Jose, Calif., SunPower has offices in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

    The SunPower photovoltaic module offer more of 50%  efficient compared to the conventional cristalline modules , and 100% more of the monocristalline module.

    "Production SunPower Corp represents not only the highest efficiency of all products, but also holds the primacy of worldwide sales. thanks to monocrystalline silicon particularly pure and proceedings of high technology in which negative and positive moicroscopic contacts are placed alternately on the rear side of the cell. SunPower has established itself as a sort of Mercedes between photovoltaic modules, although the large portion of turnover is obtained with major ground installations whose investors usually disregard issues look."  (Photon international)


    Discover why Sunpower is better

    Download the Comparative test

    Comparative test
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    White Paper SunPower Performance
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation

    Fotovoltaico per applicazioni residenziali

    View SunPower  photovoltaic module 230 e 225

    Massima efficienza

    I moduli fotovoltaici SunPower 230 e 225 offrono efficienza ai massimi livelli di mercato per applicazioni residenziali. I moduli fotovoltaici totalmente neri per sistemi residenziali SunPower 225 sono progettati per integrarsi alla perfezione con i tetti delle abitazioni e offrono performance eccellenti. I moduli SunPower 230 sono progettati per offrire i massimi livelli di efficienza e performance per uso residenziale.

    Elevata efficienza

    I moduli fotovoltaici SunPower 215 e 210 si distinguono per l'elevata efficienza e livelli di performance leader nel settore. I moduli fotovoltaici SunPower 210 per sistemi residenziali sono caratterizzati da un aspetto uniforme totalmente nero progettato per integrarsi alla perfezione con i tetti delle abitazioni. I moduli SunPower 215 sono progettati per offrire prestazioni e affidabilità eccezionali.


    Contact Us for further informations about SunPower

    SPR345 - 335 X21
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    X21 245
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    Installation adn safety instructions (Europa e Asia), (PDF)
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation

    Mountage systems T10

    View T10

    Sunpower T10

    commercial solution for flat installation


    Contact Us for more informations

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    T 10 roof tile
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation

    Sunpower sunseeker

    Sunpower Sunseeker
  • SUNPOWER Corporation

    Sunseeker T20

    View T20pic Sunseeker Sunpower T 20
    T 20
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation

    Sunseeker T -0

    View T0 Sunseeker T 0
    T 0
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  • SUNPOWER Corporation


    View Monitor


    The SunPower Monitoring System puts you in complete control, helping you save as much as possible on your energy expenses. An intuitive interface lets you view your real-time solar energy output and other metrics to help you optimize your system for greater energy savings. We can even measure how much your system has done to benefit the environment
    SunPower Monitoring System
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